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    M Cannon truss
    M. Cannon building a truss
    Last truss goes up
    Putting up the last truss
    inside truss house2
    Inside, the trusses all set up and covered.
    Jack Herndon WNB Truss
    Jack Herndon building a truss
    Rick BarthASB Truss
    Rick Barth building a truss.
    Ronda Griffen WTNB truss
    Ronda Griffen building a truss.
    Mike Cannon Truss
    Mike Cannon
    Truss at Whse
    Loading up the trusses
    Truss on ground
    Getting ready to put the trusses up.
    Ryan Lovell CNB
    Truss Leaves Whse
    Heading out with the Trusses
    Trusses on trailer
    Delivering the Trusses
    Setting up the Trusses
    Truss on trailer
    The Trusses Arrive!
    101 0434
    Getting the Trusses set up.
    101 0429
    Trusses for another home!
    101 0427
    Finishing up on construction.