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    T-houses groundlevel
    Truss house at ground-level view.
    SPueblo House wfence
    South Pueblo Home w/ Fence
    SPueblo After
    South Pueblo Park
    South Pueblo Park
    South Pueblo Park
    Truss House wgrass
    Completed House (with trusses)
    White Wash Kitchen Cabinets
    White wash kitchen cabinets in completed kitchen
    Victor -phone
    Victor on the Phone
    TwnHouse Lndscapd
    Town House with finished landscape.
    101 0457
    Putting the bricks around the garage.
    101 0449
    101 0444
    Doing some Bricklaying
    102 0508
    Installing the insulation
    102 0504
    Putting up the walls.
    102 0511
    Finishing up on the sidewalk and driveway and getting ready for landscaping.
    102 0513
    Sanding down the drywall plaster to get ready to paint the walls.
    Banker Truss
    Banker building a truss
    Guy Mcrary Truss
    Gary McRary building a truss.
    IMG 0544
    Finished putting trusses on the house.
    Putting up the bricks.